Digital Blooms in the Primary Years – Part 2

I know I will not always be working with Grade 1 students, but for the remainder of this year and for next year, that’s where I will be.  Slaving (I mean that in the nicest of ways, because I love what I do) away working with students, who some start at the age of 5 and others end having just turned 7.  My instruction is focused on teaching students the basics:  how to read and write and do some math.  (You won’t believe what we are asking students to do these days in these subjects…gone are the days of ditto sheets and regurgitating information.)  Throw in some science, social studies and all the rest, you got a pretty full curriculum.  It boggles my mind when I think of everything that is learned in Grade 1…and for most students, for the first time too!

Using the Smarboard for Interactive Math LessonUsing the Smartboard for Interactive Math LessonWorking at the International School of Bangkok, I am afforded with amazing technological resources.  I have a Smartboard, document camera, Macbook, Apple computer and a digital camera in my own classroom.  I also have access to an arsenal of other IT equipment that can be signed out at the library and our Grade team has a cart of 20 apple laptops that we share.  Besides the laptops and Smartboard, I am the one using the equipment.  I model, teach and learn with my students, while using all these amazing machines. 

Jeff Utecht's Introduction to the Laptops
I am also proud to say that I also get to work with what I think is one of the best IT teams there is.  The people who work on our ISB 21 Century Literacy team are experts in their field and they work hard at helping classroom teachers integrate technology in our classrooms to improve instruction and learning.

At present, I am told that I should be exposing my students to different uses of technology.  I am doing that.  But something tells me I could be doing more…but what, how, when and at what cost…what’s going to give?  How do I integrate it more fully so that my students are getting the best introduction to IT? 

My frustration is that I am ready and willing…but so much out there is geared towards older students.  Maybe this isn’t a bad thing.  Developmentally what is appropriate for Grade 1 students? Maybe I should lower my expectations?  (I have never been good at that!) 

What has resulted in this inquiry of mine are some good discussions with my amazing colleagues and our IT experts.  Taking this course is another way that I have chosen to address these questions.  I am open to answers and opinions, so please feel free to respond. 

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2 thoughts on “Digital Blooms in the Primary Years – Part 2”

  1. Also try to find a other First Grade teachers out there that are doing technology stuff with their kids. Can you do a Google Blog search for 1st grade? Or a search within edublogs for 1st grade. Maybe see if you can find other first grade teachers to connect with, and get ideas from them on ways they are implementing technology in the classroom.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  2. The grade 1 team consistently amazes me! You are all always ready to try something new, make things relevant to your age-group, and you always collaborate so well! Honestly, I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to stop, celebrate your successes and look for ways to refine and improve what you’ve done so far.

    The challenge of finding ways to authentically embed developmentally-appropriate technology for 5-7 year-olds is not an easy task. I think often times it’s about the concept rather than the action. Understanding that there are people in our community that are not physically living here, but can be connected via technology can be experienced through a Skype connection with the whole class – rather than trying to find ways for grade 1’s to blog (or something).

    And, of course, thanks for the compliments! I feel pretty darn lucky to be part of this team and this school 🙂

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